Payment Options

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At Academy Pet Hospital we understand that finances can be tight and that illness doesn’t always have good timing. Because we care about your pet too and want them to receive the best care possible no matter what the circumstances, we work with several companies to help make healthcare for your pet easier on your wallet.

Wellness plans

Read about our Wellness Plans here!

Care Credit

Care Credit is a medical credit card that can be used for both animal and human health and wellness care. This option allows customers to get treatment today and pay later with 6, 12, or 18 month financing at 0% interest. That means that your pet’s care is not delayed due to cost.



Scratch pay is a payment plan with a fixed monthly payment that offers a 3 month no interest option and no hard credit check. This option is great for clients with little credit history who want to provide their pet’s with care now and payment later.


Pet Insurance

Many companies like ASPCA offer pet insurance which can make routine and emergency veterinary care more affordable. Pet Insurance plans are reimbursement based and are customizable to fit your family’s needs so that you get money back AND your pet gets the care they deserve.

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