Preparing for your visit

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Our pet-loving team can’t wait to meet you! We’ve pulled together a few resources to help make planning for your visit easy. Please let our Client Care team know if your pet is anxious during vet visits so we can schedule ample time for your pet to “warm up” to the hospital environment. We want you and your pet’s visit to be as stress-free as possible!

How to Have a Successful Visit to the Vet


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Complete your New Client Form Online

Completing your registration form prior to your visit not only saves you time, it means less time in the busy lobby for your nervous pet. For the smoothest visit possible, please take the time to work on your registration form before your visit.

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What to expect from your pet’s visit

Coming to the veterinarian can be stressful for both you and your pet, especially if you are not sure what to expect from your visit. Here are some things you should know about your pet’s appointment

  • Preventative Care Visit: This is often called your pet’s “Annual Exam”; however, much more happens at this visit than just a nose to tail examination.  At your pet’s preventative care visit our team will ask lots of questions about your pet’s behaviors, eating habits, and any concerns you have.  Based on these questions they will create a customized treatment plan for your pet that may include bloodwork, lifestyle vaccinations, food recommendations, and preventative products (like flea, tick, heartworm, and joint supplements).  These visits are not just about updating vaccines, they are an opportunity to discuss your pet’s development and detect disease processes before your pet is suffering ill effects.
  • Sick Visit: Is your pet itchy, behaving unusually, limping, or having another concern? Then we will likely recommend a “sick visit” for your pet to see the veterinarian.  During these visits our team will ask lots of questions about the concerns you are noting at home and follow-up with a nose to tail examination.  Based on the history you provide and the physical exam finding, the veterinarian will create a customized treatment plan for your pet.  This plan will likely include diagnostics to help identify what is causing your pet’s symptoms- such as bloodwork, x-rays, 
  • In Person Visit: This appointment type is prioritized for pets with medical concerns or anxiety away from their owners.  Once you have reserved an in-person appointment for your pet, we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in.  When an examination room is properly sanitized, a reception team member will escort you and your pet into a room where a technician will welcome you.  Your technician will gather a thorough history of your pet’s medical concerns before the Veterinarian joins you in the room to perform your pet’s physical examination.  Post-exam, a customized treatment plan will be provided for your approval or adjustment before any diagnostics are performed.  When it is time for you to check out, a receptionist will ensure you get a copy of your bill, records from the day’s visit, and schedule any needed follow up care.  Our team will call you the day following your visit to ensure that your pet is doing well!
  • Drop-off Appointment: This appointment type is primarily reserved for healthy pets.  Please plan to spend 10-15 minutes communicating with our staff for this type of appointment.  Once you have reserved a drop-off appointment, we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in.  As soon as your technician is available, they will gather a thorough history on your pet and present you with a customized treatment plan for your pet’s visit and adjust at your request. You are then free to leave!  When the Veterinarian becomes available, they will perform an examination and approved diagnostics for your pet before calling you with the results and addressing any concerns.  Our team will then assign you a pickup time to minimize your wait.  
  • Critical Care Exam (Emergencies): These appointments are provided for pets needing immediate medical care.  When you arrive for this type of appointment, a trained veterinary technician will take your pet right away to be seen by the veterinarian while a second technician gathers a thorough history from you about your pet’s symptoms.  You are often asked to sign an “Emergency Consent Form” which outlines your immediate wishes for your pet while the Dr is performing their examination.  Once your pet has been stabilized the veterinarian will speak with you directly about their diagnostic recommendations and create a full treatment plan.  It is important that you remain present while a treatment plan is established for your critical pet.  If your pet will remain hospitalized following their initial evaluation, then a deposit will be collected by our reception staff before you leave the building.  Our team will keep you updated regularly about your pet’s condition throughout their time in hospital.  We know that this type of visit can be especially scary so it is important to create a financial plan prior to an emergency arising so that you can focus your attention on your pet’s care needs.  For information about Payment Options please check out the associated page on our website. 
What to Expect While your Pet Is Boarding
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