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Caring For A Macaw

Two yellow and blue-colored Macaws on a branch

Pet Bird Day is September 17th! One of the most beloved and charismatic birds is without a doubt the Macaw. Polly has been our buddy since at least 1100 AD: … Read More »

Kitten Hazards For Fall

Gray cat inside a cage with body bandage

Our animal companions are all very cute and charming, but they are never as adorable as they are when they are kittens. This probably isn’t a coincidence: little Fluffy is … Read More »

Bonding With Your Bunny

Two bunnies with white flowers

Have you recently adopted a rabbit? Floppy is a super cute little pet! These adorable furballs can become very attached to their humans. Many even become lap bunnies. Of course, … Read More »

Yorkie Day

Brownish hairy yorkie dog with leafy background

It’s Yorkie Day! These cute pups may be small, but they have big personalities and some raving fans. A veterinarian turns the spotlight on these tiny, charming pooches below. Basics … Read More »

Arthritis In Cats

Pale gray colored kitty laying on the sand with brown woven summer hat

Does your cat seem stiff and sore lately? If so, there’s a chance that your feline pal has arthritis. This debilitating condition affects a whopping 80 percent of kitties over … Read More »

Celebrating Coon Dogs

Brown coon dog enjoying the car window wind

July 9th is Coon Dog Day! Coon dogs—or Coonhounds, as they are also known—may not be as popular as other breeds, but that’s even more reason to celebrate these wonderful … Read More »

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