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Dog Park Safety Tips

Brownish hairy dog breed on the ground nipping on small shrub

Summer is coming! As the weather warms up again, many of our canine patients are absolutely delighted to get back outdoors. Fido will also be happy to visit the dog park. It’s great for dogs to run and play with their buddies! However, you do need to put your furry friend’s safety first. Read on … Read More »

Caring For A Budgie

Blue budgie on a brown rope

The common parakeet, also called the budgerigar or budgie, is one of the most popular pet birds out there. Originally from Australia, these cute and lovable birds are very fun little companions, and are suitable for first-time bird owners. A Fayetteville, NC vet goes over some budgie care basics below. Diet In the wild, budgies … Read More »

Bringing Your Shelter Cat Home

Brown adult cat having a hairbrush from a curly lady

April 30 is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! While there’s no bad time to adopt a shelter pet, if you are considering getting a kitty, this would be the purrfect time. Of course, our feline buddies are quite emotional, and they take first impressions very seriously. Those first few weeks with a new kitty … Read More »

Meet The Winter White Dwarf Hamster

White dwarf hamster inside a white litter box

April 12th is World Hamster Day! These little balls of fur are very popular children’s pets, but they are also a good match for anyone without a lot of space or time. While you may find several types of hamster in your local pet store, we’re focusing on one of the tiniest ones: the Winter … Read More »

Tips For Taking Puppy Pictures

Golden labrador puppy inside a brown wooden crate

National Puppy Day is March 23rd. If you have a puppy, you definitely have reason to celebrate! Toys, treats, and playtime are all great, but why not take some time to capture some adorable photos of your canine buddy? Little Fido will be all grown up before you know it! A Fayetteville, NC vet offers … Read More »

Guinea Pig Toys

Black guinea pig

Did you know that today, March 1st, is Pig Day? This honorary holiday may have been meant for larger pigs, but there’s no reason not to include Guinea pigs in the fun. Guinea pigs are very cute and charming little pets! Like all of our other animal companions, they need entertainment and stimulation in order … Read More »

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