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Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Adopting A Rescue Bunny


Are you considering adopting a bunny? This may be the perfect time to do so. These cute little balls of fur are hopping into the spotlight this month: it’s Adopt … Read More »

Is It Better to Adopt or Buy a Dog?

Some people have strong feelings about whether it’s better to adopt or buy a dog. Some people prefer to buy dogs from breeders and other people prefer to adopt dogs … Read More »

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Adopting A Rescued Bird

Happy New Year! Did you know that January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month? Birds are really cute and charming pets, and we love seeing them get loving homes. However, … Read More »

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Adopting a Shelter Pet

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April 30th is a pretty big day in the pet world: it’s Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! Going through a shelter is a wonderful way to find your new animal … Read More »

Things to Think About Before Adopting a Bird

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Are you considering adopting a bird? Polly is a very cute and fun little pet. And, if you’ve ever found yourself watching these feathered comedians on Youtube, you know that … Read More »

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Bringing Your New Cat Home


June is Adopt A Cat Month! If you are adopting a new kitty, you definitely have our support. We love meeting our new patients! Read on as a Fayetteville, NC … Read More »

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