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Crazy Cat Lady Day


April 19th is Crazy Cat Lady Day! We probably don’t have to explain this one too much … or do we? The crazy cat lady myths may go back further … Read More »

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First-Aid Awareness Month


April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Many pet owners know all too well that our animal companions are very much prone to mischief and mishaps, and can easily get … Read More »

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Rescue Cat Care Tips: Month 1


March is Adopt A Rescue Cat Month! Every year, about 100,000 kitties are adopted from shelters. People also rescue cats directly: Fluffy has been saved from roadsides, sidewalks, and parking … Read More »

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National Catio Day


March 15th is National Catio Day! This is one holiday we know our feline patients would approve of. (Granted, Fluffy may show her appreciation in some rather odd ways, but … Read More »

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Blepping In Cats

Have you ever spotted your cat just sitting there with her tongue sticking out? This is officially called blepping, and is definitely adorable to see. Of course, given how complex … Read More »

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DIY Holiday Gifts For Pets

Brown adult dog biting on a red gift with blue ribbon

Are you still working on your holiday shopping? It’s not always easy finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Some people prefer making gifts. That’s great: homemade gifts are … Read More »

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