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DIY Holiday Gifts For Pets

Brown adult dog biting on a red gift with blue ribbon

Are you still working on your holiday shopping? It’s not always easy finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Some people prefer making gifts. That’s great: homemade gifts are … Read More »

Your Aging Cat

Adult gray tabby cat enjoying a head massage

Is your kitty a senior? As your feline friend ages, you’ll start noticing some changes in her appearance and behavior. Fluffy will slowly become less playful, and she’ll somehow manage … Read More »

Kitten Hazards For Fall

Gray cat inside a cage with body bandage

Our animal companions are all very cute and charming, but they are never as adorable as they are when they are kittens. This probably isn’t a coincidence: little Fluffy is … Read More »

Arthritis In Cats

Pale gray colored kitty laying on the sand with brown woven summer hat

Does your cat seem stiff and sore lately? If so, there’s a chance that your feline pal has arthritis. This debilitating condition affects a whopping 80 percent of kitties over … Read More »

Hug Your Cat Day

Brown tabby cat with ears standing up hugs by a lady in teal blue long sleeve shirt

Cat lovers, take heed: June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! Of course, we think that kitties deserve to be hugged every day. You definitely don’t need a reason to … Read More »

Bringing Your Shelter Cat Home

Brown adult cat having a hairbrush from a curly lady

April 30 is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! While there’s no bad time to adopt a shelter pet, if you are considering getting a kitty, this would be the … Read More »

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