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Meet The Meezer: Siamese Cats

April 6th is Siamese Cat Day, which honors some very unique kittens. These stunning felines, sometimes known as Meezers, are not only highly charming, they are also extremely loving and … Read More »

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And Meow, A Word About Fluffy’s Catio

National Catio Day is coming up on March 15th! Many of our feline patients have private catios or cat enclosures, and they love spending time in them. Catio comes from … Read More »

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6 Cute Things Your Cat Will Do This Fall

Autumn is a beautiful time of year: the weather is crisp and cool, the leaves are changing, and the stores and restaurants are loaded with seasonable treats and memorabilia. Many … Read More »

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Senior Cat Safety

Is your feline friend in her golden years? Fluffy usually ages gracefully, but she will get slower and weaker over time. As your furry little retiree grows older, she’ll become … Read More »

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Caring For A Scaredy Cat

Kitties are all very unique. While Fluffy, Mittens, and Princess may all share a few common traits and opinions, they each have different and distinct purrsonalities. Some cats are bold … Read More »

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Crazy Cat Lady Day


April 19th is Crazy Cat Lady Day! We probably don’t have to explain this one too much … or do we? The crazy cat lady myths may go back further … Read More »

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