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Caring For A Macaw

Two yellow and blue-colored Macaws on a branch

Pet Bird Day is September 17th! One of the most beloved and charismatic birds is without a doubt the Macaw. Polly has been our buddy since at least 1100 AD: … Read More »

Guinea Pig Toys

Black guinea pig

Did you know that today, March 1st, is Pig Day? This honorary holiday may have been meant for larger pigs, but there’s no reason not to include Guinea pigs in … Read More »

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Brown squirrel with a darker line on the back

Halloween is upon us: there are pumpkin, ghost, and witch decorations everywhere! The autumn holiday can be fun, but pet parents should be aware that this can be a dangerous … Read More »

8 Ways to Pamper a Rabbit


Have you recently adopted a rabbit? We probably don’t have to tell you that bunnies make absolutely adorable pets. However, Floppy does have some specific needs, so first-time bunny owners … Read More »

Grooming Your Bunny


Do you have a bunny? If so, you’ve got a super cute pet! Rabbits are quite clean, but they do need some help with grooming. In this article, a Fayetteville, … Read More »

Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month


Did you know that March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month? Guinea pigs can make very charming and lovable animal companions! Here, a Fayetteville, NC vet discusses basic Guinea … Read More »

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