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Keeping Fido Safe on the Fourth


The Fourth of July is coming up quickly! For many of us, the summer holiday means barbeques, swimming, and having fun with family and friends. However, this can be a dangerous holiday for our canine companions. Read on for some doggy safety tips from a local Fayetteville, NC vet. Heat Hot days are always dangerous … Read More »

Fido’s Summer Plans

Are you making a lot of plans this year? With many of last year’s events being shelved due to coronavirus, people are definitely going to be making the most of this summer. Our canine pals also love this time of year! Here, a Fayetteville, NC vet lists some things on Fido’s 2021 to-do list. Parks … Read More »

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Pool Safety for Dogs


Summer is well on the way! Many people like to cool off on sweltering days by taking a dip in the pool. Quite a few of our canine companions also enjoy swimming. Swimming can be both fun and beneficial for Man’s Best Friend. However, it can also be dangerous. A Fayetteville, NC veterinarian offers some … Read More »

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Mayday for Mutts


Is your pooch a mixed breed? If so, put a pawprint on your calendar for May 2nd: it’s Mayday for Mutts! Our canine companions come in all shapes and sizes. We love them all! Fayetteville, NC vet discusses mutts below. Caring For A Mutt Whether your furry pal is a papered purebred or a mix … Read More »

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Adopting a Shelter Pet

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April 30th is a pretty big day in the pet world: it’s Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! Going through a shelter is a wonderful way to find your new animal companion. Read on for some great tips from a local Fayetteville, NC veterinarian on adopting a shelter pet. Benefits Why go through a shelter? For … Read More »

4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Pet From Heartworm


Did you know that April is Heartworm Awareness Month? It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the answer is no. After all, heartworms aren’t exactly something most people want to think about. However, heartworms are very dangerous for pets. If left untreated, they can even be deadly. Protecting your furry buddy from these disgusting … Read More »

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