Are you planning to host or attend a costume party this year? It’s always interesting and fun to see the various costumes people come up with. Fido also looks pretty adorable dressed up! Just put your pet’s comfort and safety first when choosing outfits for him. A local Fayetteville, NC vet offers some insight on that in this article.


First and foremost, make sure that your canine friend’s things fit him properly, and are not too tight or constricting. Fido’s outfit also should never restrict his vision. Take your pup’s measurements before buying anything.


Choosing the right material can make a huge difference. You want something that is breathable, but isn’t highly flammable. If your furry friend has a thin coat, you can get something that will keep him warm on chilly days. If Fido has thick fur, then opt for something cooler. Of course, some pups really should never wear outfits at all. Huskies, for example, can easily overheat in clothes.


You’ll find some cute pre-made doggy costumes in pet stores and online. These are not only your easiest option, they may also be your safest, as they’ve been designed to keep Fido both safe and comfortable. While some kids’ outfits can be modified for pups, it’s generally safer to stick with things made for Man’s Best Buddy.


There are also a few safety concerns to keep in mind. Don’t get anything with small and/or dangling parts, such as buttons. Some of our canine friends may try to eat their outfits, which can be dangerous! We’d also advise staying away from anything with zippers, as they can catch dogs’ fur.


It’s also important to let your furry friend weigh in on his getup. If your pooch isn’t comfortable wearing clothes, don’t force him to. Opt for something simple, like a bandana or bow tie, instead.


Now for the fun stuff: choosing your furry friend’s costume. Fido has donned some pretty charming outfits: he’s been a banana, a bumblebee, a taco, a pirate, and a spider, among other things. Have some fun with this!

Other Concerns

It’s also important to be mindful of other Halloween safety issues. Some of these include things like candies, small decorative items, seasonal plants, things with ropes or strings, candles, seasonal plants, and plastic bags or wrappers. Ask your vet for more information.

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