Are you going out of town this summer? Vacation season is in full swing, with many people headed to beaches, lakes, and mountains. While our canine friends would no doubt love to go anywhere and everywhere with their humans, there are times when Fido just can’t come along. It’s important to have a kennel for those occasions, somewhere you know your furry pal will be comfy and safe. A Cumberland County vet offers some tips on boarding your pup in this article.

Choose The Right Spot

Making sure that your canine buddy is in good hands really is the main consideration here. Ask friends and family members for recommendations. Check with your vet as well. (Note: If possible, boarding with your vet is generally the best bet. Fido will already be familiar with them, and they’ll have your pup’s medical records already.) We’d also recommend doing a trial run of a single-night stay as a test.

Pack Properly

Kennels all operate a little differently. Packing is one area where that comes into play. Some places don’t mind if you bring toys and bedding in, but others prefer to use their own supplies. Find out what you should put in Fido’s doggy bag. If you’re packing food, treats, and medicine, include a few extra days’ worth, just in case.


Take time to read all the paperwork and requirements from the kennel. They should request copies of Fido’s vaccinations and registration. Avoid any kennel that doesn’t ask for that paperwork: this is a huge red flag. As far as providing information about Fido, offer any relevant information both verbally and in writing. You don’t have to share the story about the time your pooch ruined your birthday cake, but the kennel staff absolutely should know if he’s afraid of other dogs, or has a thunderstorm phobia. It’s also important to know how the kennel will handle emergencies. Ask all the questions!


It’s not easy leaving that furry face behind. However, stretching out that farewell will only make it harder on both you and your pooch. Make the drop-off short and sweet. Remember, you have that cute happy dance to look forward to when you pick your four-legged buddy up. (Note: make sure you’re clear on the kennel’s hours for drop-offs and pickups.)

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