Is your feline friend in her golden years? Fluffy usually ages gracefully, but she will get slower and weaker over time. As your furry little retiree grows older, she’ll become more vulnerable to illness and injury. You’ll need to adjust your kitty’s care regimen a bit, and monitor her health more closely. You may also need to take some extra precautions to keep her safe and prevent injuries. A Fayetteville, NC vet offers some advice on this below.


Slips and falls are big concerns with older kitties. Fluffy won’t be as strong or agile as she once was, and she may have trouble getting on and off things. Put pet ramps or stairs near your feline pal’s favorite perches and hiding spots, so she can get on and off without hurting herself. An ottoman or a small footstool will also work. If you see your furball about to jump or climb on or off something, help her out by gently giving her a lift.

Outdoor Hazards

We always recommend keeping kitties inside. This is especially important for senior furballs. They’re slower and weaker than younger cats, and may not be able to escape potential threats, such as cars or other animals. There’s also an additional risk of your beloved pet getting lost: just like people, senior cats can get confused and forgetful. Fluffy could actually forget how to get home! 


Senior kitties can be very sensitive to temperature extremes. Fluffy will overheat more quickly in summer than she used to, and she’ll get chilly faster when temperatures drop. Keep your furry friend in rooms that stay at comfortable temperatures.


As your feline buddy enters her geriatric years, she’ll become increasingly fragile. At this stage, being picked up and handled can become quite uncomfortable for Fluffy. Be very careful when picking your cat up or putting her down. If you have very young children, monitor their interactions with Fluffy, and explain the importance of being gentle with her. 

Other Pets

Do you have other pets? Be careful with them as well. A rambunctious dog could easily injure a senior kitty, even if he just wants to play. You may need to separate your furry buddies.


If you need advice on caring for your senior cat, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. As your Fayetteville, NC pet hospital, we’re always here to help!