April 30th is a pretty big day in the pet world: it’s Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! Going through a shelter is a wonderful way to find your new animal companion. Read on for some great tips from a local Fayetteville, NC veterinarian on adopting a shelter pet.


Why go through a shelter? For one thing, you’ll be giving that one lucky pet a second chance at happiness, and possibly saving their life. You’ll also be helping other animals, both by freeing up some room and supporting the shelter financially, through your adoption fees. Shelters are also quite easy on the wallet, particularly when compared to breeders or pet stores.

Picking Your New Furry Friend

One of the best things about going to a shelter is that you can pick from dozens—or even hundreds—of adorable furry faces. It doesn’t matter whether you want a specific type of pet, or are just going in with a completely open heart and mind. Odds are, you’ll find yourself drawn to a special dog or cat before long. Spend some time with your new pal, and ask lots of questions. It’s important to pick an animal that really fits into your household.


Before bringing your new furry friend home, you’ll need to hit the pet store for necessities such as dishes, toys, bedding, and, of course, treats. It’s also a good idea to do some petproofing. Remove or secure anything that could be a hazard. This includes things like toxic plants, small or sharp objects, and plastic bags. If you have a yard, check your fencing to make sure that it is secure. Another thing on your to-do list? Make an appointment with your vet! A thorough exam is definitely in order.

Settling In

Many people report that the pets they’ve saved from shelters are extremely loyal and loving companions. Animals know when someone has been kind to them, and they tend to be extremely grateful to their saviors. However, it may take time for that special bond to form. Don’t force it! Give your pet time to adjust, relax, and settle in. It may take a few months—or even longer—for them to be truly comfortable. Love, patience, and great care will score you those purrs and tail wags before you know it.

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