Happy New Year! Did you know that January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month? Birds are really cute and charming pets, and we love seeing them get loving homes. However, Polly has very different care needs than Fido and Fluffy, so first-time bird owners will definitely face a learning curve. A Fayetteville, NC vet lists some things to consider before adopting a rescued bird in this article. 

Birds Are Extra

Polly packs a lot of personality into a small body. You may be surprised at how personable and mischievous your colorful pet is. You’ll need to spend lots of time playing and interacting with your feathered pal. 


Unfortunately, many rescued birds are coping with trauma or change, and may need extra care and patience. Helping Polly overcome issues and learn to trust can be very rewarding, but can also be challenging. Be sure you’re up to this task!


Polly isn’t the neatest roommate around. Your winged friend will drop food as she eats, and will naturally shred and chew some of her toys. You’ll also heave droppings and feather dust to consider.

Clean Air

Birds have extremely sensitive lungs, and they don’t tolerate any kind of fumes well at all. You’ll need to make sure that the air in all the rooms Polly has access to is clean and fresh. Things like tobacco smoke, hair spray, perfume, and household cleaning agents, can make your winged buddy very sick. Even cookware can be a hazard! You may want to get HEPA air filters.


This is another thing to keep in mind. Birds have widely varying lifespans. Some may live 50 years or even longer. Your grandchildren may one day inherit your feathered buddy! 


Birds are very sensitive to light and sleep cycles. Polly should be on a set schedule for meals, sleep, and playtime. Most of our winged pals need about 10 hours of sleep each day, and also require some exposure to natural light. Exact care parameters vary from bird to bird, so ask your vet for specific advice.


Speaking of vets, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find a great avian vet. This can also be a wonderful source of information! 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your bird’s health or care. As your local Fayetteville, NC pet hospital, we’re here to help!