The benefits of exercising your dog regularly is obvious, right? It keeps your pooch in excellent physical shape. While that is the main benefit, yes, the truth is that regular exercise can benefit more than just physical health. Read on below as your Fayetteville, NC veterinarian tells you more.

The Physical

The first benefit is, of course, maintaining your dog’s physical health. A lack of exercise can lead to everything from obesity to heart disease to diabetes. Along with a good diet, exercise will keep your dog’s body in top shape and add years to his or her lifespan. Ask your Fayetteville, NC veterinarian about more physical benefits of exercise as well as how much your particular dog might need.

The Behavioral

Behavioral problems in dogs are often due to a lack of exercise. A dog that doesn’t exercise very much can easily get bored. A bored dog can chew, bark, bite, act aggressively, and otherwise act destructively. What’s more, if your dog keeps you up at night with whining or barking, exercising him more during the day might help. A tired dog will go to sleep at night rather than stay up restlessly.

If your dog acts destructively or aggressively or exhibits other behavior issues, talk to your Fayetteville, NC veterinarian—inadequate exercise may be to blame.

The Mental

Exercise can help your dog’s metal health as much as his physical well-being. The mental stimulation of sounds, smells, and sights your gets while exercising are important for his proper development. Exercising around other people and dogs will help your pet’s socialization skills as well. A dog that isn’t mentally stimulated can become bored, leading to the problems listed above, and even develop fear or aggression problems due to their lack of stimulation. Talk to your Fayetteville, NC vet for more about exercising your pet and how it affects mental health.

The Trainability

A well-exercised dog is usually one that is easier to train. The mental stimulation described above leads to a smarter pet, making training quicker and easier. A dog that never gets exercise won’t want to sit, lie down, or stay, because he’ll be restless from lack of exercise. If he’s well-exercised, he’ll probably be more agreeable and training will go smoothly.

Have a conversation with your Fayetteville, NC veterinarian for more benefits of good exercise for dogs, and how to have a fun and safe exercise routine with your pet.