Has your Fayetteville NC cat been acting strangely? If your vet has checked your feline friend and found nothing unusual physically, your furball may have anxiety. Cats with anxiety may meow incessantly. They may pace, or scratch at doors or windows. Some cats will hide, and others will stop using the litter box. Sometimes cats with anxiety will stop grooming themselves, or go the opposite route and over-groom themselves, so that their fur falls out in patches.

If you can sort out why your furball is nervous, you’ll have a much better chance of helping her. Try to pinpoint the source of her stress. A change in environment or circumstance can sometimes bring about anxiety in cats. A new child or the arrival of another animal can be very stressful for kitties. Moving, change of ownership, loud noises, and even flea infestations can also cause your furry friend to feel anxious. Some cats act up when they get lonely, so if Kitty is spending most of her time alone, this could be distressing her.

Here are some ways to help your feline friend:


Your kitty should have plenty of toys to keep her amused. Toys that move, squeak, or beep are great, as they keep cats interested longer. Change your furry pal’s toys out frequently, so she doesn’t get bored with the same old catnip mouse. If Kitty doesn’t have access to a window with a good view, where she can sit and watch birds, squirrels, and passersby, set up a cat tower or window perch for her.


If your kitty is reacting to factors that you cannot eliminate, such as the arrival of a new person or pet in your home, then the next best thing is to make sure your cat has plenty of hiding places where she feels safe. You can make hideaways for Kitty out of boxes or unused laundry baskets. Cat trees or perches are excellent for stressed kitties, because they give cats the ability to watch everything that is going on from a safe place.


Cat toys are great, but they’re much more entertaining for Kitty if you’re playing with her. Toys that dangle on strings are loads of fun for your furball. Laser pointers can also get Kitty excited, and chances are, you’ll find yourself chuckling as your cat tries to catch that pesky red dot. Interactive playtime is excellent for cats because it helps them burn off some excess energy, which will help your feline friend relax.

Please check with your Fayetteville NC vet if your cat is showing signs of distress or anxiety, and visit our site for more articles on cat behavior.