Your Fayetteville NC dog has stood by you through thick and thin, and shows his unconditional love for you daily. Maybe your pooch instinctively knows to jump on your lap when you’re feeling down, or has cheered you up on a bad day just by being his cute playful self. Many dog owners say that the time they spend walking their dogs or bringing them to parks is as beneficial for them as it is for their four-legged buddies. Whatever the case, your dog brings a lot to your life, and it’s only natural that you want to give back.

Here are a few fun ways to spoil your dog:

Doggie Café

Everyone likes going out to eat once in a while. A new environment that is full of treats and new friends is just as much fun for your pup as it is for you.


When you are out and about with Fido, chances are, if you go to a fast food drive-thru and get him a plain hamburger, your furry buddy will be bouncing with joy … literally.

Make ‘Pupsicles’

In the dog days of summer, your furry pal will love having a cold treat to help him beat the heat. Fill an ice cube tray with water, and put a doggie treat in each one, then give him one or two at a time on hot days. Puppy heaven!

Wading Pool

If your pooch likes water, he will really enjoy having his own wading pool to splash and flop around in. Water-loving dogs love sprinkler systems, too, and may also really enjoy just playing in the water from the hose.

Raw Bone

Raw frozen marrowbones, or raw frozen meaty bones, make a great special snack for your pooch. Check with your vet for specific types and cuts of bones.


Dogs love the stimulation of a new place. Take Fido hiking, or bring him to a dog park, or spend a weekend on the shore and bring your furry pal to a dog beach.

Praise Him … Often

Dogs are fully capable of understanding when you voice your approval. Even if they don’t know specifically what you’re saying, your Fayetteville NC dog will revel in the loving, positive tone of voice you use when heaping loads of praise on him, and will bask in the glow of your adoration. You’ll know because he’ll get that cute happy puppy face, and there are few things more certain to make you smile than the happy puppy face.