The cooler temperatures, changing colors, and shorter days of autumn are here—is your pet ready for the various hazards that she might face? Autumn, like any season, brings with it a set of dangers that pet owners must prevent against. Here, a Fayetteville NC vet lists some of the most common.

Indoor Pest Control

Pests like insects and small field rodents like to seek warmth inside our homes in the autumn. Many homeowners respond to the problem with pesticides and rodenticides designed to kill the pests. The trouble is, these substances are also poison to our furry friends! Use caution with pesticides, and consider using pet-safe alternatives.


Antifreeze poisoning is more common in the fall because many drivers are preparing their cars’ engines for the harsh winter. Antifreeze is very bad for pets because it contains ethylene glycol, a known pet toxin. Keep your pet indoors while using antifreeze, and clean up spills immediately.

Toxic Mushrooms

Toxic mushrooms are pretty rare—about 1% of all mushrooms are poisonous—but they do experience peak growth in the fall. There’s no need to risk your pet ingesting something dangerous, so take steps to keep your beloved companion away from any and all mushrooms growing in your yard. Ask your vet if toxic varieties are known to grow anywhere near you.

Wild Animals

Snakes are a particularly common hazard this time of year. This is because they’re preparing for hibernation in the winter, and are rather grumpy as a result. Should your pet come across one, the chances of a bite are greatly increased! Have your pet avoid areas where snakes hang out, like tall grasses, thick underbrush, rock formations, and forested areas.

Cold Nights

Don’t forget that it’s not summer anymore—nights in the autumn can get downright cold! Don’t let your pet linger too long outdoors when the sun goes down. Bring them indoors where they’ll be warm and happy with your family.

Check with your Fayetteville NC veterinarian for more seasonal safety tips for your pet this fall.