Birds are truly amazing animals. Colorful, musical, and full of personality, these winged beauties have been beloved pets for a very long time. Birds aren’t always easy to read, however, so it may be difficult for a first-time bird owner to recognize symptoms of illness in their pet. Below, a local veterinarian Fayetteville NC describes some common signs of sickness in birds.

Feather Appearance

Birds are normally quite fastidious about their grooming, so a bird whose feathers are ruffled may not be feeling well. Polly may also stop preening if she isn’t feeling well, or go the opposite route and begin plucking her feathers.

Lack of Appetite

Any time an animal loses interest in food, it is a red flag that something isn’t right. Sick birds often don’t have much of an appetite. Birds often nibble at their food throughout the day, so it may be tricky to gauge how much your pet is eating. Cleaning Polly’s cage daily will allow you to monitor her food intake.

Abnormal Droppings

As you get used to your bird, you’ll become familiar with your feathered buddy’s dropping. When cleaning your pet’s cage, keep an eye out for anything unusual. Any changes in the amount or appearance of your bird’s waste can be a sign of sickness. Stools that seem runny, off-colored, or particularly foul in odor can all be indications of illness in birds. Bloody or runny feces can also be warning signs of illness in birds.


Pay close attention to your feathered buddy’s body language and appearance. Drooping or elevated wings, sunken eyes, or changes in vocalization can all be signs that a bird is ill. Polly may sit in a hunched over position if she is sick. She may also stay on the bottom of her cage, or just hang onto the sides. Lurching, staggering, a loss of balance, and lethargy are also red flags. Sometimes birds will sleep more than usual if they are ill. Your winged pal might also shiver, or run in circles on her cage floor.

If your pet bird is showing any of these symptoms, or is acting unusual, please contact us immediately to schedule an examination. As your local vet clinic Fayetteville NC, we are here to help with all of your pet care needs.

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