Are you ready to bring a new feline buddy into your home? Kittens are often the number one choice for people that are looking for a new four-legged friend. While we can’t deny that baby felines are absolutely adorable, we would like to point out that there are some great benefits to adopting a senior cat. In this article, your local Fayetteville NC vet offers some great reasons to consider bringing an older feline into your house.

Save a Life

Sadly, millions of adult kitties end up in shelters each year. Many never leave. People looking for a new feline friend often want kittens, so the older kitties are often passed by in favor of the baby felines. By adopting a senior cat, you’re saving a life. Few good deeds are more rewarding than knowing you’ve truly saved the life of another living being.

Make a Friend

Kitties are often overwhelmed by the smells, sounds, and sights of a shelter environment. Spending even a little bit of time in a small cage in such an environment can be very scary for a little furball. Our feline friends know when they are being saved. Your cat may become your biggest fan, and will show her gratitude with cuddles, purrs, kitty kisses, and the occasional hairball.

No Surprises

One huge benefit of adopting a senior kitty is that you know exactly what you are getting. You don’t have to wonder what your pet will look or act like as an adult. By the time Fluffy reaches middle age, her personality is developed, so you’ll be able to accurately gauge your kitty’s character.

Less Mischief

Senior kitties are calmer, and more prone to lying around looking cute than running up your drapes or scratching up your furniture. Kittens, though undeniably adorable, are quite rambunctious, and need constant monitoring. While a tiny furball might be prone to jumping into a toilet or open fridge, your mature kitty is quite content –and completely adorable– napping in a sunbeam.

Less Work

Mature kitties have already been through spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations. Kitties that have been pets before are often already familiar with what is and is not acceptable behavior. Fluffy may be fully aware of proper ‘petiquette’ and already well accustomed to using scratching posts and litter boxes.

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