Is your canine buddy beginning to go grey around the muzzle? Have you noticed your four-legged friend slowing down lately? Dogs enrich our lives in so many ways: their love, loyalty, devotion, and playfulness truly make them wonderful companions. Our furry family members unfortunately have much shorter lifespans than we do. While some of his needs may change as he ages, your dog is still the same loyal companion as ever. In this article, your Fayetteville NC vet discusses caring for a senior dog.


Your dog’s diet will play a huge role in his health and well-being as he ages. Ask your vet for recommendations on when it’s time to switch Fido over to a senior formula of dog food. If your pooch has dental issues, wet food may be easier for him to chew. You can also soften kibble with water or sodium-free chicken broth. Be careful not to overfeed your furry pal. You may think those extra pounds are cute and harmless, but being overweight is actually very dangerous for your furry pal’s health.


While you don’t want to overexert an old dog, you don’t want to let Fido become a complete couch potato, either. Smaller, more frequent walks may work better for an aging pooch. Be sure to take your furry pal in when he gets tired, and try to keep him indoors as much as possible in extreme weather.

General Care

As Fido grows old, he may become stiff and sore. Make sure your furry pal has a comfortable bed to sleep in. We recommend getting a good orthopedic bed. Doggy ramps or stairs will help your pooch get in and out of cars and beds. Keeping your pup’s nails trimmed is also important, as overgrown nails can affect your furry buddy’s gait, and can contribute to health issues, such as arthritis. Regularly brushing and bathing your canine buddy is also very important. Just remember to be very gentle!

We think senior dogs are just as cute as puppies. Fido’s golden years can be a very special and beautiful time. Remember, what your canine buddy needs most in his old age is your love!

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