Have you decided to bring a colorful, feathered friend into your household? Birds are enchanting creatures, and make great pets. Polly’s birdcage will play a huge role in her overall happiness, so you’ll want to get the largest cage you can, and make it comfortable and fun for her by adding lots of toys and perches. When it comes to birdcages, location is also very important, since where you place the cage will have a huge effect on Polly’s well-being. A local Fayetteville, NC vet offers some pointers on birdcage placement in this article.


You don’t want to put Polly in a very dark room, but you don’t want her cage in direct sunlight, either. Ideally, your birdcage should be in a location that gets natural light, but is neither too bright nor too dark.


Don’t put your feathered buddy in a drafty area, or too near air vents, ceiling fans, or heaters. Keep Polly’s cage away from fireplaces and woodstoves as well, as these can be very dangerous!


Birds are quite intelligent and sociable. Your feathered pal will be happiest if she can see and interact with her human family without being overwhelmed by too much activity. Polly may be uneasy if she’s in the busiest spot in the house, but she’ll be lonely isolated in a back bedroom. Choose a spot that offers a happy medium.


Loud noises, such as TVs, stereos, or power tools, can be very distressing to your colorful pet. Don’t Polly in a noisy spot!


Kitchen fumes can be very dangerous to your winged buddy. Many types of modern cookware give off fumes that are toxic to birds. Automotive products, household chemicals, and paint can also give off dangerous fumes. Don’t put Polly’s cage too close to the kitchen, or near a garage, workroom, or studio.


Birds are quite small and vulnerable, so Polly may feel uneasy if she’s too exposed. Place the cage so that at least one side is against a wall, so she feels safe and secure. A corner spot would be ideal. Setting bird-safe plants around the cage will mimic birds’ natural environment and make your pet feel at home.

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