Does your canine buddy make clicking sounds when he walks across the floor? If so, Fido may need a peticure. Keeping your dog’s claws clipped is very important! Read on as a local Fayetteville, NC veterinarian discusses the importance of keeping your pet’s claws trimmed.

Why Trimming Is Important

Overgrown nails can be quite problematic for Man’s Best Friend. They’re not only very uncomfortable, they can also make it hard for your furry pal to get traction on slippery surfaces. Eventually, they can affect your dog’s gait, and aggravate or contribute to painful bone/joint problems like arthritis. If Fido’s claws are too long, he can also snag them on things and tear them, which is no fun!

Getting Fido Used To The Process

If you’ve never cut your dog’s claws before, you’ll want to start slow. To get Fido used to the process, start by just handling those furry toes. Offer treats and praise, and perhaps even a belly rub, to keep your canine buddy relaxed and help him form good associations with his manicures.

Clipping Your Pet’s Claws

If you’re nervous about clipping Fido’s nails, consider getting clippers that have sensors. These may cost a bit more, but they do indicate exactly where to cut, which makes the process much easier for you. If you have regular clippers, start by making thin slices. Take a close look at each clipping. When you start to see a pale oval appear, that’s where you’ll want to stop. You don’t have to do all of your pup’s feet at once: just do one paw at a time, if it’s easier for you. Of course, you can always have your furry friend’s feet taken care of at a veterinary or grooming appointment.


Many people are uneasy clipping their pets’ nails themselves, and for good reason. Trimming your dog’s nails too close may cause you to cut into the quick, which is where Fido’s nerves and blood vessels end. Cutting the quick can hurt your canine pal, and make him bleed a bit. If you do slip up and cut too far, don’t panic. Keep a styptic pen or styptic powder on hand, and use them to stop the bleeding. Afterwards, offer treats and praise to soothe your pooch.

Does your dog need his nails trimmed? We are always happy to help! Contact us, your Fayetteville, NC animal hospital, anytime!