Cats have many wonderful characteristics: they’re cute, charismatic, cuddly, and often hilarious. One great thing about our feline friends is that they are quite easy to care for. Providing your furball with good food, fresh water, a clean litterbox, and regular veterinary care will see to her essential needs. But do you know how to make your cat really happy? It may be easier than you think! Below, a Fayetteville NC vet lists some great ways to spoil your kitty.


Our feline friends certainly are sleepy little furballs. Fluffy could spend up to 20 hours a day napping! Providing your drowsy pet with lots of comfy places to curl up in will go a long way towards keeping her happy. (Tip: you get extra purrs for positioning some of your cat’s beds in sunbeams and/or near windows.)


Just like people, cats can get bored when they have nothing to do. Don’t leave your furball home alone with no way to entertain herself! Make sure your kitty has lots of catnip mice to push under the couch. Cats also enjoy sunbathing and birdwatching, so give Fluffy a comfy spot where she can soak up some sun, watch birds and squirrels, and perhaps daydream about hunting.


Talking to your cat is another way to make her feel pampered and loved. Fluffy may not really understand what you’re saying, but she’ll know you’re paying attention to her. She may even answer back with cute little meows!


Take time to play with your feline buddy every day. This will help keep Fluffy active, which is very beneficial for her physically. Playing also offers your adorable pet valuable mental stimulation. After all, kitties really have to concentrate to time those adorable jump/pounce combinations just right!


Kitties need to feel loved to be truly happy. Of course, cats all have their own preferences for how they like to get attention. Some cats are affectionate little cuddlebugs that want to be petted and coddled all the time. Others are more aloof, and prefer to be admired from a distance. Work with your furry friend’s personality. Don’t force attention on Fluffy, or pick her up if she doesn’t like being held.

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