Dogs have well-earned the honorary title of Man’s Best Friend. Fido’s love, loyalty, and devotion have helped him become an important part of our lives. However, no matter how cute they are, our furry friends can’t go everywhere with us. If you are just going to work or leaving for a few hours, Fido may be just fine staying home. For longer absences, your pooch may be better off in a kennel. Below, a Fayetteville, NC veterinarian lists some occasions to consider boarding your dog.

Vacations/Business Trips

The most popular time for people to board their pets is, of course, when they leave town. Even if you have a reliable friend or family member to dogsit, boarding is still a great option, and the best way to ensure that your canine buddy stays safe and sound while you’re away.

Medical Procedures

Since medical procedures—and recovery times—vary widely, this isn’t a one-size-fits all recommendation. If you’re going in for a simple outpatient procedure, like a tooth extraction, you may very well want to snuggle up with your furry buddy while you’re recovering and binge-watching your favorite show. Major surgery, however, is a different story: for some procedures, you may want to put your canine pal in a doggy hotel. Ask your vet and doctor for recommendations.

Major Life Events

If you’re getting married, having a baby, or hosting a gathering for a graduation, funeral, or family reunion, consider boarding your pooch. Fido can spend the time playing and conquering new patches of grass, and you’ll be able to focus on the big day without worrying about your beloved pet.


Moving can be pretty nerve-wracking, for both people and dogs. You don’t want your furry friend bolting through an open door, or getting underfoot while things are being loaded or unloaded. If you’re moving long-distance, board your pet on the days the movers pick up and deliver your belongings.


If you’re doing something that is quick and chaotic, such as painting or installing a new carpet, you may want to put your canine buddy in a doggy hotel for a few days. That way you won’t have to worry about Fido stepping on splinters or nails, or getting into mischief.

Please contact us, your Fayetteville, NC veterinary clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care and boarding needs. We’re here to help!