Did you know that October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month? If you are considering bringing a new canine pal into your family, please consider adopting a shelter dog. Adopting from shelters is a wonderful way to find your new pet! Many people have found their furry best friends in shelters! Here, a Fayetteville, NC vet lists some of the benefits of adopting a shelter pooch.

Save A Life

When you adopt from a shelter, you’re giving that one lucky pup a second chance at happiness. Many dogs have very limited time to find themselves a new home. Saving an animal’s life is a wonderful thing to do! You’ll also be helping other dogs: the spot Fido leaves open will quickly be occupied by another homeless dog.

Find The Perfect Pup

There are far too many adorable dogs in shelters, hoping someone will save them. Whether you want a cute little lapdog, an athletic pup to go running with, or a calm, lovable family pooch, there’s a good chance that you’ll find exactly what you want waiting for you in a shelter.

Prior Experience

One wonderful thing about adopting shelter dogs is that many of them have been pets before, and are already trained. Being able to skip the housetraining phase is definitely a plus! You may also be able to learn quite a bit about Fido’s history, which will help determine if he’s a good match for your household. Plus, you can spend some time with your new canine buddy before making a final decision.

Promote Animal Welfare

If you buy from a pet store or breeder, you may inadvertently end up supporting a puppy mill owner. While there certainly are some responsible and caring breeders out there, unfortunately, there are also some that are more concerned with profits than with animal welfare. Adopting a shelter pooch is simply the more responsible choice. Plus, the adoption fees you pay will help the shelter care for their other furry wards.

Make A Friend

Dogs are very smart, and they know when they have been rescued. It’s no surprise that shelter dogs are often extremely loving and loyal to their saviors. Many people report that shelter dogs are super affectionate and chock full of tail wags.

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