As the holidays approach, many of us are busy cooking, decorating, shopping, and planning events. If your to-do list is getting longer, you’re certainly not alone. Of course, our feline friends have their own holiday agendas to sort out. Read on as a Fayetteville, NC vet list some things your kitty will do during the holiday season.

Attack The Tree

You can’t blame Fluffy for wanting to play with the ornaments on your tree. From your pet’s point of view, the tree is a magical kitty playground! Keep ribbons, tinsel, and fragile ornaments on the top part of the tree, and decorate the lower branches sparingly, with non-breakable objects. If you have a super frisky feline, you may also want to secure the treetop to the wall or ceiling with fishing line for extra support. Just be sure to keep ribbons, lights, ornament hooks, and other potential hazards out of paws’ reach.

Jump Into Boxes

No one is quite sure why kitties love boxes so much, but Fluffy’s love of boxes may just be the most adorable obsession ever. Once everyone has finished opening gifts, give your pet some of the empty boxes to play in. Don’t forget to get some cute pictures of this kitty holiday tradition!

Help With Housecleaning

Our feline pals are very thoughtful, and really try to help their humans as much as possible. Fluffy may lend a helping paw as you are wrapping gifts, changing sheets, or decorating the tree. She may also thoughtfully knock things off your coffee table or end table, and may even curl up in your fresh laundry to keep it warm.


Fluffy certainly won’t let the holidays disrupt her napping schedule! Your drowsy pet may change out her napping spots, however. Don’t be surprised if you find your furball snoozing peacefully under the tree, or on your freshly-made guest bed!

Look Adorable

If there’s one thing that our feline friends are good at, aside from napping, it’s being cute. Fluffy’s adorable meows, silly mannerisms, and playful antics have a special way of warming our hearts and putting smiles on our faces!

All of us here at Academy Pet Hospital want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Please reach out to us, your local Fayetteville, NC pet clinic, for all of your feline pal’s veterinary care needs.