There’s a pretty adorable doggy holiday coming up. February 20th is Walk The Dog Day! Of course, our canine pals really should be walked every day. A local Fayetteville, NC vet offers some tips on walking your pup below.


While those strolls are in many cases a must for sanitary reasons, they actually are also very good for both you and Fido. Walks are often the main way that dogs stay active. That daily workout is very important for your pooch, both mentally and physically. The change of scenery, stimulation, and fresh air are also great for your pup. Plus, this is a great way for your furry bff to just spend some time with you.


Walks are also a good way for you to work on and/or reinforce Fido’s petucation. This is a great time to teach your pet to Heel! If your dog has a tendency to lunge, you’ll want to break that habit. Take some treats with you, and stop to have your canine buddy Sit. You can also work on Stay and Come on your walks. Choose a safe area, and use a retractable leash.


If you have a dog, it’s probably safe to say that you often find yourself waiting for your four-legged pal to stop sniffing at a certain patch of grass. Why is Fido so obsessed with the neighbor’s lawn? Information! Dogs learn a lot about the world through their noses. Your pooch can tell who has been there, and how long ago. He may also be able to glean detailed information about them, such as their sex, health, and age. This is also a great reminder for you to stop and smell the roses!


When walking your canine companion, always put his safety first. Stay away from areas that could be dangerous, such as riverbanks and busy roads. If you take your pup out after dark, use reflective gear and bring a flashlight with you. You’ll also need to be careful when walking on the side of a road. We generally advise keeping your furry friend to the outside and walking towards oncoming traffic. Don’t let your dog get ahead of you when crossing intersections, driveways, or parking lot entrances.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Fayetteville, NC veterinary clinic, we’re here to help!