There’s a pretty important holiday coming up. Respect Your Cat Day is March 28th. Of course, kitties have a way of demanding respect every day. However, as it turns out, showing your furball proper respect may look a bit different than what Fluffy has in mind. A local Fayetteville, NC vet offers a few insights on this important topic below.

Fluffy’s Thinking

If you were to ask your pet how she would like to be respected, you may find yourself with a long list of kitty demands. Some of these would be purrfectly reasonable. We could only expect our feline overlords to want things like comfy beds, fresh water, toys, and clean litterboxes. Of course, your furry pal probably wouldn’t stop there. Other things on your pet’s wishlist may include catnip gardens; screened enclosures; catwalks and cat towers in every room; moats and fountains filled with live fish; full-sized statues; and a moratorium on baths, car rides, and loud noises. It wouldn’t be out of character for Fluffy to expect to be petted, fed, or played with on demand, or to insist that you get rid of the dog. 

Our Thinking

We would agree with kitties on the first few items. Beds, toys, good food, fresh water, and clean litterboxes are all things that every furball deserves. We also recommend keeping your furry buddy indoors, which Fluffy may disagree with. Regular veterinary care is also very important. This includes exams, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery. Petproofing is also a must. Cats are very playful, but they just don’t know what is and isn’t safe for them. Don’t let your frisky feline play with things that could be dangerous to her, such as plastic wrappers or sharp objects.


In any event, this is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. Consider getting Fluffy a new toy, a special treat, or perhaps a new bed. A cat tower wouldn’t be inappropriate, either. Your kitty may also appreciate an extended play session, or perhaps some catnip. If you have children, it’s also important to talk to them about how to treat Fluffy. Rule number one? Always treat our furry friends kindly and with compassion. Rule number two? Always let the cat decide when and how she wants to be cuddled.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. As your local Fayetteville, NC veterinary clinic, we are here to help!