Do you have an aloof kitty? Our feline pals are all different, and some are naturally more aloof than others. If your cat is timid, wary, or even unfriendly, don’t lose hope. A local Fayetteville, NC vet offers some advice on helping Fluffy become a bit more affectionate in this article.


One of the best ways to bond with your new pet is to just talk to her. Fluffy won’t understand what you’re saying, but she’ll respond to the sound and tone of your voice. Pay attention to how she reacts. If she starts to seem curious and responsive, you’re on the right path.


Taking time to play with your kitty is a great way to get that little motor going. Use a toy that you can control, like a wand toy or laser pointer. Your furry pal will know that you’re making an effort to entertain her. That will definitely score you some points!

Kitty Luxuries

It doesn’t take much to turn your home into a mansion for your feline buddy. Start by offering your furball great food, lots of comfy napping spots, and perhaps a window seat. Catnip, treats, and, of course, kitty furniture will also help put that adorable happy look on Fluffy’s face.

Keep A Routine

Kitties tend to be creatures of habit. You don’t have to work your schedule around Fluffy, but try to be consistent with meals and playtime. If possible, carve out some quality time with your cute pet every night. Talk to her, play with her, and offer her treats or catnip.


Fluffy may have a reputation for being aloof, but that really isn’t fair. Kitties are actually very interactive! Pay attention to how your furry friend reacts to things, and, well, talk to her. The more you interact with your cat, the more interactive she’ll be!

Don’t Force Attention

Keep in mind that your kitty may never become a lap cat. Fluffy may be comfortable sitting beside you or at your feet. That’s fine! Your feline friend may still show affection in her own way … perhaps by following you around or meowing at you, or maybe just by curling up at your feet every night.

As your local Fayetteville, NC animal clinic, we are here to help. Please reach out to us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs.