Autumn is definitely in full swing, and the holidays are just around the corner! As the weather cools and the leaves change, many people will be enjoying seasonal events and festivities. As it turns out, Man’s Best Friend also has a few things planned for the next month. A Fayetteville, NC vet suggests some things Fido may have on his doggy agenda below.

Enjoy Seasonal Feasts

With Thanksgiving coming up, and holiday parties getting started, Fido will be paying very close attention to the mouth-watering foods coming out of your oven. You can give him something special, as long as you know it’s safe. Pureed pumpkin, squash, and sweet potato are all fine. Dogs can also have plain, cooked boneless turkey or chicken. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Beauty Session

Many dogs don’t get bathed very much in winter. You don’t really want to dry Fido off after a bath by walking him when it’s cold out. Give your pooch a good bath before it gets really cold. Or, schedule an appointment at the groomer’s. Don’t forget about those furry feet! Snow, salt, sand, and ice can all hurt your canine pal’s sensitive paw pads. Stock up on paw balm and pet-safe deicing products.

Fashion Show

Dogs with thin fur will need sweaters or jackets when it’s cold out. Take Fido’s things out of storage, and check to make sure they’re clean, in good condition, and still fit him well.

Leaf Jumping

We know, it’s always adorable seeing dogs play in leaf piles. However, there can be some hidden dangers here. Leaves that have gotten wet can quickly grow mold. Leaf piles can also have sharp sticks mixed in. Plus, wild snakes or rodents could be nesting beneath them. If you want to let your pooch play, do it that day, just after you’ve raked them.

Take Some Long Walks

The foliage may be a little past peak now, but there’s still time for some autumn walks with Fido. Enjoy some fresh air and cool weather with your furry bff!


As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, both people and pets often swap sandals and tee shirts for snuggly blankets and quiet nights in. Fido’s all on board for that. Dogs make great napping buddies!

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Fayetteville, NC animal clinic, today!