National Puppy Day is March 23rd. If you have a puppy, you definitely have reason to celebrate! Toys, treats, and playtime are all great, but why not take some time to capture some adorable photos of your canine buddy? Little Fido will be all grown up before you know it! A Fayetteville, NC vet offers some advice on pet photography below.

Groom First

Now is the time to get little Fido used to being brushed and bathed. Make sure he looks his best for his photo shoot!

Time It Right

If you want a charming picture of little Fido napping or relaxing, tire him out with a fun play session before his photo session. Otherwise, you may have trouble getting him to stand still!

Go For Natural Light

When it comes to taking pictures, you really can’t beat that natural golden light. You may find that dusk and dawn offer the best conditions.

Go To Ground

Try snapping your pictures from little Fido’s eye level. These angles may help you get some really great shots!

Be Patient

Little Fido probably won’t listen if you tell him to turn left or right, or raise his eyes. Instead, just plan to take way more photos than you actually need. Just keep snapping until you eventually happen to catch that perfect pose.

Take It Outdoors

You may find that your furry little buddy immediately gets cuter if he’s running around the yard, perhaps chasing a ball. Just stick to fenced areas!


Opt for an area where the background contrasts with your puppy’s fur. If little Fido has white fur, don’t snap his picture against a white wall!

Enlist Help

If you want to take your pet’s photo when he is on an elevated surface, like a table, have someone there to lend a hand (and catch little Fido if he stumbles).

Use Props

Toys can really grab your furry friend’s attention, and get that cute alert look. Try holding up some squeaky toys, and snap your pet’s picture when he looks at you.

Create A Bed

Puppies are never more adorable than they are during naps. Make a cute little bed for your canine friend, and perhaps include a stuffed animal for him to snuggle up with.
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