Have you recently adopted a rabbit? Floppy is a super cute little pet! These adorable furballs can become very attached to their humans. Many even become lap bunnies. Of course, you’ll need to nurture that special friendship with your new pet. A Fayetteville, NC veterinarian offers some tips on this below.


Treats are a great way to build your fuzzy friend’s trust. It may come in handy for you to know that Floppy definitely has a sweet tooth. Things like strawberries, blueberries, and banana slices can definitely help. Just stick with things you know are safe, and take care not to over-indulge her. Ask your vet for specific advice here.


Your furry friend may not know what you are saying when you talk to her, but she’ll pick up a lot from the tone of your voice. Speak to your cute pet in a cheerful, gentle tone of voice.


Rabbits are quite curious and playful, and it can be really fun to watch them zip and zoom around. Offer your little buddy some fun new toys, and take time to play with her. Floppy may enjoy exploring tunnels, or tossing things like toilet paper tubes or balled-up wads of paper. Timing is also important. Bunnies are usually zoomiest in the mornings and evenings.


Gently brushing Floppy can also make her feel pampered and safe. Who doesn’t enjoy a beauty treatment!


Bunnies are adorable, so it can be hard to resist picking them up and holding them. However, this may frighten Floppy. Don’t force your rabbit to submit to being petted or held. Let her come to you, and establish trust before holding her.


Many of our animal companions thrive on steady schedules. Try to groom, feed, and play with Floppy at the same times each day. Floppy also needs plenty of free time.

Read Body Language

Friendship is really about communication, and that goes both ways. Research rabbit body language, so you can react appropriately to the signals Floppy puts off. Happy bunnies may jump, approach you (or new toys) with curiosity, and may seem quite relaxed. If your furry pal seems stiff, keeps thumping her feet, or tries to withdraw, she’s not feeling very safe yet: give her time to come around.

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