Spring has officially sprung! This can be a trying time of year for older pets. If your furry friend is in their golden years, you’ll want to take a few extra precautions to keep them comfortable and healthy. Read on as a Fayetteville, NC vet offers some advice on caring for older pets in spring.




Weather can change quickly in spring: it may be hot one day and chilly the next. Older pets often have a hard time adjusting to these fluctuations. They get chilly fast when it’s cold, and overheat quickly when it’s hot. Keep your furry pal comfy in rooms with climate control, and make sure they always have water and a warm bed.




Proper grooming can go a long way in keeping your four-legged friend comfortable. If Fido has a thick coat, and usually sports a shorter hairdo in summer, get that appointment on the books. If you get your pup clipped before the summer weather gets here, keep a jacket on hand for cooler days. Nail trims are also very important for Fido: long nails are not only uncomfortable, they can change the angle of his toes, which strains his bones and joints. 


Preventative Care


Preventative care is important for pets of any age. However, senior pets are quite fragile, and are very vulnerable to illness, injury, and disease. They also have a harder time dealing with discomfort caused by fleas and ticks. Keep up with Fido and Fluffy’s preventative care!




Many people roll up their sleeves and go in for a round of spring cleaning at this time of year. Many household cleaning agents are toxic to pets. Keep Fido and Fluffy out of areas where you are using any chemical cleaners or garden products.



Pools can be extremely dangerous for aging pets. Even those that can swim can be in serious trouble if they fall in, as they may not remember how to get out. Use a gate or fence to block off access. 




Your canine buddy may be thrilled to get outside again. Keep in mind that older animals don’t have as much energy or stamina as younger ones. Fido will tire out more easily, and may need to get his endurance back up. Take care not to overexert him.


Please contact us, your Fayetteville, NC pet hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!