Does your bird talk to you? Birds are charming and beautiful animals, and their ability to ‘speak’ is truly fascinating. While every bird definitely has their own individual personality, each type of bird also has unique characteristics, and these distinctions carry into their vocal patterns and habits. Some birds will speak quietly, while other will shout or scream at you. There are birds that whistle, chirp, chatter, sing, or carry on conversations. Read on for some suggestions from a vet. Fayetteville bird lovers, feel free to comment!


The Cockatiel is one of the most popular pet birds. These charmers often sing or whistle, and can repeat melodies back to you. They are also prone to whistling at their own reflections. Canaries also are well known for having beautiful songs. While all male canaries sing, each type of canary has a slightly different sound.

Quiet Birds

If you love birds, but prefer a quiet environment, there are some types of birds that may suit you very well. While all birds vocalize, some tend to keep the volume low, so you won’t be hearing ear-splitting renditions of ‘Sweet Caroline’ coming from your birdcage. Finches, canaries, parakeets, and parrotlets are a few birds that don’t make a whole lot of noise. Conures, budgies, and lovebirds, on the other hand, can make noise all day, but they aren’t necessarily very loud.

Loud Birds

If you love hearing the sound of birds, and don’t mind a little volume, then a cockatoo may be the ideal pet for you. Cockatoos are quite loud by nature, as are Macaws. While these beautiful birds will definitely make themselves heard, they tend to be most vocal at dusk and dawn.

Talkative Birds

If you want a bird that can mimic human speech, or even hold a conversation, you’ll probably like a parrot. The Amazon parrot tends to be one of the most talkative, though there are several different types of Amazon parrots, and some are more talkative than the others are. The double yellow-headed and blue-fronted Amazons are two of the chattiest.

Regardless of what type of bird you have, as you get to know your beautiful winged pet, you will learn what type of vocalization your pet makes, and for how long. Once you are used to what your bird’s normal vocalization is, you’ll be better able to detect any changes. Sudden changes in your bird’s speech patterns could be an indication that your pet is ill; contact your vet immediately.