Are you about to bring home a new kitten? Before you introduce an adorable ball of fluff to your household, make sure your living space is properly prepared. Learn more below from your vet in Cumberland County.

Canvas Each Room

Go through each room of your home that your kitten will have access to. Look for obvious physical hazards, like loose wires and cords, small objects that could be swallowed, sharp items lying around, plastic bags, air vents, fireplaces, and other tight nooks and crannies. Take steps to block the hazard in whatever way you can. Don’t forget to keep toilet lids closed—kittens can easily fall in while exploring the bathroom!

Remove Potential Poisons

The typical home contains plenty of hazardous pet poisons, so it’s important to ensure that none of them will come in contact with your new kitten. Put away any cleaners, bleaches, soaps, paints, polishes, solvents, or any other chemical substances that could harm a kitten. Also consider the various houseplants and flowers that can poison a cat; the list includes lilies, rubber plants, sago palms, azalea, chrysanthemums, and many more! Ask your vet about the common hazardous houseplants in your area.

Put Away Dangerous Foods

Any kitchen probably contains some foods that pets shouldn’t have. Some common offenders are onions, garlic, chives, grapes, raisins, avocado, certain nuts, salty items, fatty table scraps, caffeinated items, chocolate, candy and gum, baked goods, and alcohol. Check to make sure that none of these items are sitting out on countertops where a kitten could reach them.

Hold a Family Meeting

Before your kitten’s arrival, sit down with your family so everyone knows the protocol when kitty gets there. Let everyone know about potential hazard spots in the home, meal times, where the litter box is, and any other aspects of your new pet’s care that your family members should know about. This way, everyone is on the same page when your fluff-ball arrives!

Have more questions about caring and preparing for a new kitten? Call your veterinary clinic Cumberland County for more information.