Can you tell if your feline buddy is content? Cats can sometimes be very clear about letting us know how they feel, but at other times, they can be a bit confusing. For instance, Fluffy thinks it’s purrfectly normal to bite playfully, and may wiggle away when you pick her up, only to demand attention a few minutes later. A Fayetteville, NC vet lists some signs of kitty happiness below.


Healthy cats are happy cats! Make sure your furry buddy has good, nutritious food; lots of comfy napping spots; a clean litterbox; suitable toys; and fresh water. Proper veterinary care is also very important.


The purr may very well be one of Fluffy’s cutest traits. Some cats start their engines as soon as their owners pet them or pick them up. Of course, kitties also purr when they are sick or frightened, so the purr isn’t always a sign of happiness. However, if your furball looks comfortable and purrs when you cuddle her, she may be pretty pleased with life.


Friskiness is a good sign that your furball is happy. If Fluffy loves to pounce, hop, and jump on things, there’s a good chance that your furry buddy is content.


Our feline friends are known for being curious. Happy kitties often can’t resist exploring new nooks and crannies, and often like to follow their humans around to see what they are doing.


Cats are actually very emotional, and can get very attached to their humans. Kitties often love to cuddle up with their humans. If your furry friend likes to snuggle up with you, it’s probably safe to say she’s happy. Of course, some felines don’t care to be cuddled, and prefer to be admired from a distance. That’s okay, too!

Tail Tales

Kitties that are content often walk with their tails held up in the air. Actually, only pet cats do this: stray and feral cats typically let their tails droop behind them.


Did you know that cats can make over 100 different sounds? Fluffy sounds a bit different when she’s feeling cheerful than she does when she’s cranky. Happy kitties often talk back to their owners. They also sometimes sound a bit ‘chirrupy’ when meowing.

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