Winter is finally over! As the weather starts heating up, many of us will be pulling our summer things out of storage and rolling up our sleeves for some spring cleaning. Don’t forget about Fido! While your pet may be delighted to run and play outside, there are some hazards for you to be aware of. A local Fayetteville, NC vet discusses spring safety for dogs in this article.


At this time of year, many people are looking forward to getting outside and doing some gardening. However, many types of plants, particularly bulbs, are poisonous to dogs. Lawn and garden products, such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, are also unsafe. One way to keep Fido out of your flowerbeds is to section off your yard, so your pets have one area and your plants have another. Use driftwood pieces, low stone or brick walls, thick brush, or potted plants to create boundaries.

Holiday Trappings

Easter trappings can be very dangerous for Fido! Chocolate is one big concern: it’s highly toxic to dogs. You’ll also want to be careful of those plastic strings you find in many Easter baskets. If your canine buddy ingests any, he could get very sick! Bouquets are another concern. Many popular flowers, such as lilies, are poisonous to our canine companions.


Did you know that dogs can have allergies, just like people? Some common signs of allergies in our canine buddies include sneezing; red, runny eyes; itchy skin; vomiting; diarrhea; and snoring. Contact your vet right away if you know or suspect that your pet has allergies.


As the weather warms up, a whole new generation of annoying and disgusting bugs and parasites will be out and about. Keep up with your four-legged friend’s parasite control products and vaccinations!

Cleaning Products

As you roll up your sleeves to tackle some spring cleaning, don’t forget about your pup’s safety. Many cleaning agents are highly toxic to our furry pals. Store these things in secure spots that your canine companion can’t reach.


If Fido spent most of the winter snoozing in his doggy bed, he may be a little out of shape. Be careful not to overexert your furry pal, especially on hot days.

Please feel free to contact us, your local Fayetteville, NC pet clinic, with any questions about your dog’s health or care. We are here to help!