Cats certainly are entertaining pets. Fluffy is not only super cute, she’s chock full of unique—and often hilarious—habits and characteristics. In fact, our adorable feline friends can be, well, pretty goofy. Read on as a Fayetteville, NC vet explains some of Fluffy’s cutest quirks.

Staring at Walls

Does your furball sometimes stare at the walls or ceiling? Cats can spend hours just looking at, well, nothing. Fluffy may actually be watching a tiny insect, or even a speck of dust. Or, she may just be lost in kitty thoughts.


It’s always great when your furry friend hops into your lap for some snuggles. At least, until she starts digging her claws into your lap. Take this slightly painful gesture as a sign that Fluffy thinks of you as her parent. Kittens do this while nursing, as it stimulates milk flow.

Random Zoomies

Have you ever seen your cat race from one room to another for no apparent reason? We suspect this happens when Fluffy suddenly realizes that, according to the kitty rulebook, she was actually supposed to be in a different room at that specific moment.

Knocking Things Off Counters

Does your furry friend have a penchant for knocking things off tables and countertops? This may be your frisky pet’s way of demanding attention. Then again, small objects may simply be too tempting for your furball to resist! After all, kitties are predators at heart.

Box Obsession

Cats just can’t seem to resist jumping into boxes. It doesn’t matter what size the box is, or, for that matter, what size the cat is. Theoretically, Fluffy feels safe and cozy in small spaces. However, that doesn’t explain why kitties are drawn to ‘boxes’ that are literally just outlines of tape on a floor.

Sleeping Positions

Kitties have the ability to fall asleep in some very interesting places and positions. A quick internet search of sleeping cats will turn up some adorable—and comical—examples. But why do cats sleep so much? This may be because, in the wild, our feline pals can expend tremendous amounts of energy in a short period of time when hunting, and need to recuperate. Then again, maybe Fluffy just takes her beauty rest very seriously.

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