Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Your feline friend will probably be very curious about any packages you bring back. She may even try to lend a helping paw with gift wrapping. Don’t forget to put a few things in Fluffy’s stocking! Read on as a Fayetteville, NC vet suggests some holiday gifts for cats.


Given that Fluffy spends roughly 99 percent of her time snoozing, it’s probably not a huge shock to find beds at the top of this list.


Your feline overlord will accept dried catnip, but she may also enjoy a fresh plant of her own. You can also offer her some cat grass.

Kitty Furniture

Have you ever noticed that our feline pals often like to squish themselves into small, enclosed spaces? Fluffy is also quite fond of heights. Get your furball some things that fit her purrsonality. A timid cat may like a kitty condo, while a kitten may enjoy a fun play center. Cat towers are, of course, the ultimate gift for any feline.

Litterbox Upgrade

That new litterbox may very well be the least exciting thing under the tree, but it may turn out to be the gift that keeps on giving. Older cats may appreciate ones with low sides. You can also try a stackable or self-cleaning option. A litterbox enclosure is another good bet, especially for those who live in apartments.


No matter how old Fluffy gets, she’ll still want to indulge her inner kitten at times. Toys are a great gift for kitties! You can go with classics, like catnip mice, or try something new, like a remote-controlled squirrel. (This can also make for some adorable pictures.)


Fluffy may not get quite as excited about treats as Fido does, but she really will appreciate a yummy snack. You may need to try a few types to see what your kitty likes best.


Fluffy may be a diva in some ways, but she’s also quite easy to please. Give your furry pal some empty boxes to play in.
Window Seat

You may have noticed that we advise keeping cats in. Fluffy may still appreciate having a good view of the great outdoors. A comfy kitty seat is bound to get that motor going!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Academy Pet Hospital, your local Fayetteville, NC animal clinic. Contact us anytime!