Happy Holidays! Do you have a pet bunny? You may need to keep a close eye on Floppy. This can be a fun time of year for rabbits, but it can also be dangerous for them. A Fayetteville, NC vet discusses holiday bunny care below.


Floppy definitely deserves a yummy snack! Just stick with safe, suitable options. (A little fruit is a good choice.) Keep candy bowls and appetizers in spots your furry pal can’t get to.


Many holiday plants, such as ivy and mistletoe, are toxic to pets. Play it safe, and keep these out of paws’ reach!

Pine Cones

Did you know that pine cones are safe for Floppy to chew, as long as they don’t have paint or glitter on them? Just be sure to wash them first.


Keep a close eye on your pet if she ventures near the tree. We also recommend putting only bunny-safe items on the lower branches. Hang potential hazards, like tinsel, ribbons, and garlands on the higher branches. Also, pick up fallen needles and ornament hooks. Keep in mind that Floppy may try to chew the tree itself. That could be dangerous if it’s been treated with chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides.


Cords are always a hazard for our furry friends. Try to keep these in spots Floppy can’t reach. Use protective coverings on any that you can’t get out of the way.


Keep those presents off the floor: rabbits love to nibble on wrapping paper and tape! If Floppy chews through a box, she may also get into things like plastic wrappers or packing peanuts, as well as the gift itself. Offer her some non-toxic wrapping paper and/or tissue paper, and maybe even a cardboard box, as a consolation prize.

Floppy’s Presents

Chew toys are great presents for Floppy! Snuffle mats, pet tunnels, pet condos, and comfy beds are also great presents for rabbits. You can even find bunny gift boxes!

Seasonal Fun

Many beloved holiday books and movies feature bunnies. Keep this in mind when picking movies, especially for family night. The Velveteen Rabbit is always a tearjerker. The Christmas Bunny is also a good bet. You may also want to get a few bunny ornaments. Don’t forget to get some cute photos of Floppy!

Happy Holidays from Academy Pet Hospital, your Fayetteville, NC animal clinic. Call us anytime!