January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month! Birds are super cute, and they are lots of fun to have around. One thing that is very important is making sure that your little buddy has lots of fun toys to play with. Store-bought toys are great, but there are also lots of things you can make for Polly. A local Fayetteville, NC vet discusses making DIY bird toys below.


There’s almost no end to the types of toys you can give your winged pal. Hanging toys are very popular with our feathered friends. You can incorporate all sorts of things into these! Some options are playing cards, poker chips, paper cupcake holders, popsicle sticks, plastic shower curtain rings, and buttons. Foraging toys are also a big hit with birds. One option is to shred some copy paper and craft paper. Put this in a basket, along with some yummy treats and smaller toys, and let Polly forage for her snacks. Paper can also be quite useful. Hang some shredded paper from your pet’s cage, or fold pieces into a cube or square, and put some snacks inside them. These are just a few options: you’ll find many more online. Try different ones, and see what your bird likes best.


Polly is a forager by nature, so she’s always on the lookout for things to explore and investigate. She can also get quite bored with things. Rotate your feathered buddy’s toys out frequently, to keep things fresh for her. Also, regularly replace toys that are getting worn out.


Whether you are buying or making your bird’s toys, it’s very important to make sure that you are only offering your winged friend safe, suitable options. First and foremost? Avoid anything sharp. You also want to stay away from things with small holes that Polly could get her beak or feet stuck in. Glue is also a no-no. And, while many plastic items are fine, don’t use things that are weak or thin enough for your colorful friend to potentially break. Materials are also something to consider. Don’t give your little buddy anything made from brass, copper, lead, tin, or zinc. If using wood, make sure to choose a type of wood that is safe. Ask your vet for more information.

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