February 14th Is Pet Theft Awareness Day. Pet theft is a huge and horrible problem. As many as 3 million pets are stolen each year. This can be absolutely devastating for both the pet and their human. We truly hope that all of our patients stay safe and sound at home, but we do always recommend taking precautions. A Fayetteville, NC vet offers a few tips on keeping dogs safe in this article.

Don’t Leave The Pooch In the Car

Many people like to take their canine companions out and about with them. Fido loves accompanying his humans to various places! However, if you can’t take your pooch inside with you at your destination, it’s best to leave him home. It’s much too easy for a thief to break a car window and grab an unattended pup. (Plus, leaving a dog in the car can be very dangerous.)

Avoid Tying Fido Outside Stores

If you’re out walking Fido, it may be tempting to tie your furry pal up outside a gas station or convenience store while you run in to grab something. However, this can be risky.

Make Your Yard Secure

Sadly, some dogs have been taken right from their very yards. The risk of this is highest if you live in a busy area and have a low fence and/or an unlocked gate. Take some steps to make your yard more secure. Cameras and motion lights can help with this.

Be Careful What You Post

The rise of social media coincided with the rise of many thefts and break-ins. Many people learned the hard way about the dangers of announcing when they’ll be out of town. Be careful what you post about both your whereabouts and Fido’s.

Keep A Close Eye On Fido

Always keep a close eye on your furry buddy. Don’t let him run around unattended! Even dog parks can be risky.


We can’t overstate the importance of training. Make sure that Fido will always Come on command, and Stay when he is told to.

Consider A GPS Tracker

Make sure that Fido is wearing current ID tags. You may also want to get him a GPS collar. Microchipping is also a must. Collars can be removed, but microchips are permanent.

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