As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s important to take time to remember the true purpose of the holiday: gratitude. We are definitely thankful for our canine companions! Of course, while Fido is very appreciative of the love, care, and bacon we offer, there are some things he could probably be a bit more grateful for. A Fayetteville, NC veterinarian lists some of them below.


Has your pooch ever pulled on his leash, perhaps after spotting a squirrel or perhaps the neighbor’s cat? Leashes are crucial to both your furry buddy’s safety and the safety of others. However, Fido probably isn’t very appreciative of them.


One thing that we love about our canine companions is their sense of adventure. Fido loves going to new places with his humans. He’s also quite fond of taking off and exploring on his own. It’s probably safe to say that your pooch isn’t exactly grateful for the fences that keep him safe.

Food Containers

One thing that almost all of our canine pals have in common? They have very, very healthy appetites. Fido would be more than delighted if all the cupboards, cans, containers, and boxes that store food suddenly disappeared, so he could have an all-you-can-eat buffet.


Fido sometimes turns into a furry, four-legged drama queen at bathtime. Most dogs do appreciate feeling soft and clean. They just don’t care for the process of getting there.


If you tell Fido that his vaccinations will protect him from a whole slew of dangerous diseases, he’ll probably just tilt his head in reply.


Fido and Fluffy can cohabitate peacefully, and sometimes even become quite close. However, dogs can be quite suspicious of our feline friends. Fido also just can’t quite figure Fluffy out. After all, she cleans herself willingly, uses a litterbox, and wags her tail when she’s angry!

Spay/Neuter Surgery

Getting Fido fixed is important for several reasons. It’s the main tool against animal overpopulation, which is a huge issue. It also helps curb many behavioral issues and provides several health benefits. That said, Fido isn’t exactly grateful for this procedure.

Vacuum Cleaners

Last but not least, Fido is never going to like any appliance that takes smells away … especially his smell!

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