Are you still working on your holiday shopping? It’s not always easy finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Some people prefer making gifts. That’s great: homemade gifts are always special. Of course, your furry pal won’t mind a few DIY presents. These can be great projects for kids! A Fayetteville, NC vet lists some options for this below.

Catnip Mice

All you need for this one is two pieces of material. (You can make them mouse-shaped if you like, but Fluffy won’t care if you don’t.) Put one on top of the other, with the outsides facing in. Then, sew the pieces together, leaving just a small hole. Once that’s done, turn them outside-out, and use that hole to fill the toy with fresh catnip. Finally, sew it closed, and let your kitty go to town!

Cat Towers

To turn a stepladder or metal storage rack into a cat tower, start by adding planks to the steps or shelves to turn them into kitty lounging spots. Then, have the kids wrap the whole thing in sisal rope. Voila!

Box Castle

Your feline overlord will be purrfectly delighted to get her own little castle. Want to keep it simple? Just add a few windows to a basic box. Or, you can go all-out, and add things like towers and turrets. (A fully stocked moat is optional, of course.)


To turn a sweater into a comfy pet bed, start by folding it into an O shape. Sew the arms to the torso, and close up the waist. Use the neck hole to fill it with a safe stuffing, and then sew that closed as well. This is a great way to get some extra mileage off something that’s stained or just worn out.

Rope Toys

Many of our canine companions love playing with rope toys. This is a great way to upcycle old towels or tee shirts. Cut them into thin strips, and braid the strips together. Then, tie the whole thing off in a big knot. Done!

Window Seats

Cats love looking out and watching birds and squirrels. Just add a board to the sill, and attach a bed, box, or basket. Then, add a soft blanket and tell Fluffy to stay out. Voila!

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